Weekly watering advice

The watering needs of your lawn changes with the weather. Check out this weekly watering advice map to see if you need to water this week. Also, sign up to receive weekly updates automatically in your inbox.

Green Pros in the know

Green Industry Professionals have a desire to create and maintain sustainable landscapes. If you're looking for someone to help with landscape maintenance, making small repairs, or a whole new landscape redesign you might give these folks a try.

Getting visual

New video library features easy ways to make simple repairs to your sprinkler system, how to build a rain barrel, and more. 

Water is Awesome. Use it. Enjoy it. Just don't waste it.

Water is who we are. It's the main ingredient in our blood, sweat, and tears. And it must be constantly replenished. Learn to use it efficiently so we can stay hydrated for generations to come. 

Graph of Current Water Levels
95 %
as of July 15, 2018
97 %
88 %