Weekly watering advice

The watering needs of your lawn changes with the climate, Check out our weekly watering advice map to learn how much and how long you need to water to keep your lawn healthy this week.  

Green Pros ready for action

Meet the inaugural class of Recognized Green Industry Professionals with a desire to create and maintain sustainable landscapes. 

Busting the myths of lawncare

Lawns. We love to keep them green. But are we keeping them healthy? Learn more about actions you can take to maintain your lawn's appearance.

The Integrated Pipeline: Securing a reliable water supply

The IPL is a joint water supply project of the Tarrant Regional Water District and the City of Dallas. This video explains why it's needed, how it came to be, and what the pipeline will do to ensure we have a reliable water supply for years to come. 


Graph of Current Water Levels
98 %
as of September 29, 2016
98 %
100 %