Weekly watering advice

The watering needs of your lawn changes with the climate, Check out our weekly watering advice map to learn how much and how long you need to water to keep your lawn healthy this week.  

New program for Green Professionals starts in January

Join other green industry professionals for a series of workshops designed to provide tools and knowledge on sustainable landscape practices.

Busting the myths of lawncare

Lawns. We love to keep them green. But are we keeping them healthy? Learn more about actions you can take to maintain your lawn's appearance.

Let's team up to save water.

Getting on some teams requires lots of huffing and puffing. That’s not our style. Getting on Team Lawn Whisperer is a breeze. Just water two days a week or less, use the “cycle and soak” method when irrigating, and check the Lawn Whisperer’s Facebook page for weekly watering advice and helpful tips. 


Graph of Current Water Levels
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as of February 08, 2016
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99 %
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